Mírame, 2017

MÍRAME is an exhibition project comprising 5 different works (Panóptico, Tutorial, Mecanismo, 7 diferencias and Secuencias) centered around female representation and self-representation in the media. The project explores questions around the internet and social media as tools of self-representation, the pervasive influence of pornography and pop industry and the internalized paradigms of object-subject. 

“when examined through the lens of echo, it becomes immediately clear that echo is only appealing to narcissus when she reflects him. young girls are only good/appealing when they reflect men. there are no girls on the internet.” Mary Bond [Selfies: A young girl’s deviancy]

Panóptico (2017)
Installation / iron, plexiglass, vynil, MDF, LED lights and Arduino / 2.3m x 2m x 2m.

Panóptico is a cyllindrical structure of 2m height. On the outside it is covered with mirrored panels that allow the audience to be reflected in the work. On the inside, smoke-colored plexiglass panels cover the entire walls. The acrylic pieces, black at first glance, reveal images of female eyes from pornography. These are brought to light by a constantly recurring sequence of lights. Inside the installation, the viewer is confronted with gazes that observe him* from all directions, but at the same time elude him* through the play of light. Placed in the center of the panopticon, the viewer finds himself* in the place of the watcher of this prison, but at the same time he* is also placed in the place of the watched. The women in the pictures, originally intended as objects of contemplation, confront the viewer by returning his* gaze again and again.

Mecanismo (2017)
Music box, RB3, Arduino, motor and LCD screen / 10,5cm X 10,5cm X 8,5cm.

Mecanismo is a small intervened musical box. In it, the dancer spins infinitely thanks to a motor programmed by Arduino, endlessly repeating the melody of “Swan Lake”. Inside, an LSD screen continuously reproduces a Disney scene with a flirtatious female bunny.

Tutorial (2017)
Videocollage / 06:18 MIN

Tutorial is a videocollage elaborated with found footage from television programs, video clips and content created by internet users. Taking the form of a glitchy selfie tutorial, the video highlights how our informational capitalism and our need to be seen necessarily produce a repetition of forms and paradigms that lead to normative ways of [self]representation. Have we really taken control of our own image production?

7 diferencias (2017)
Steel, plexiglass, Backlight paper and LED lights / 158cm X 48cm X 10cm.

7 diferencias presents us with 3 images: a still taken from a music video clip, a photograph from a pornographic site and a selfie. All of them portray a female character looking directly into the camera and lying down in the same pose. The piece highlights the parallels between female representation in mass media, pornography and female self-representation in social networks. The title 7 diferencias refers to games that appear in the entertainment section of newspapers, in which the viewer needs to identify differences between two seemingly identical images.