we_spam collective

A series of collective works



Spam is calling you. You want to open it. You are curious. You can’t run away from spam, it will find you.


Our brain has been spammed by companies, propaganda, politics, ideologies. Our senses have been spammed by alienated desires and hacked by overstimulation.

But we_spam encourages you to not  run away from spam: let it come to you. Embrace it, twist it, redirect it. Own it. Discover the hidden force of spam, hack it and use it to defend yourself against it.

we_spam seeks to aid you in this quest. We aim to expose the image and overturn the normal flow of information.

But in end, we are spam as well and we will haunt you.

//we_spam your mind//

//we_spam your senses//

We will send the message you don’t want to read. We will show you the trash you don’t want to see. We will tell you the things you don’t want to hear.  We will show you the images you wished were in your recycle bin.

Now the spam is in you, pass it onto others.



[we_spam is an art collective founded by artists Alessandra Plaza and Adriana Bickel that produces immersive installations focused on our relationship with media.]